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January 8, 2008:
Dispel Magic has been changed to work more in line with how the help is written. It may feel a bit odd until you are used to it, but I think you will appreciate the benefits. Of course, this also ties into how mob AI works. Gotta have balance, ya know. ;)

December 28, 2007:
Higher level mobs now have a form of AI, and will start lobbing spells back at you, and healing themselves as necessary. This is Erond's brainchild -- fear the results accordingly ;)

Certain mobs also have a spell called befuddle, which will cause some strange results for spell casters.

Some other minor tweaks which will likely cause big players to have to rethink their tactics ;)

November 22, 2007:
HP, mana, and movement are all now 64 bit numbers, like gold.

The death mobs have been summarily upgraded. Find Suo or Ishy for rumors of how nasty they are ;)

Tweaks to popup smurf ;)

February 16, 2007:
There was a hole in the code that allowed you to practice prior classes. Specifically, remorting to hero wipes out that history of what classes you were. That was somewhat by design, since the original code didnt let you practice skills from prior classes. Anywho, now if you try to remort to hero, the code will spew a nice fat warning across your screen reminding you to practice your shit FIRST, THEN remort to hero. use remort hero <password> to actually make it happen. Retarded, yes. Thanks (?) to Gimlet for finding it.

Slid some performance tweaks into the database. The mud should warmboot and reload a little quicker now (10 seconds to warmboot on my machine at home vs a minute)

January 28, 2007:
reams now has a working online, multiplayer poker game. There's a new room off the casino, S E E D E from recall. Say in to join, call/raise n/fold while playing, and out when you're ready to quit the game

Bug fix for the blind allowing for negative money (thanks wak).

Saying status will now give a status (including how much each person has won or lost since joining the table).

August 8, 2006:
Fixed a bug in the mail system. Sorry, if they can't take the pacakge, they can't take the damn package. Insuring it won't do any good.

May 27, 2006:
(This patch brought to you by Jose Cuervo and AC/DC.) Slid a bit of sanity checking in that when someone leaves a room, ensures that the next person in the room really is in the same room. If not, cuts the pointer chain (because something's jacked anyways). While this won't necessarily take out the phantom mob issue that shows up about once a month, it'll make the mud correct the problem without need for a warmboot.

May 26, 2006:
pdated the netstat command to handle 6+ digits. Yes, Dreams has had over 100,000 connections since the last cold boot back in January. Thanks everyone for playing :)

I've received numerous reports of a way to cheat on the quest mob by summoning it. Thanks to all who reported it, we will certainly make it worth your while. From this point forward, it will react the same way as if it's charmed, i.e. scatter your shit all over the mud and take half your tokens.

March 19, 2006:
Ok, Suo pointed out the phantom object thing is still happening a bit on locate. Long story short, I found the cause, so it won't get any worse. However, in order to make em all go away, we'll need to warmboot. That will wait for another day.

March 18, 2006:
Added code to allow us to cleanly end a popup run from outside the mud. Thanks to all who helped test :)

March 12, 2006:
Possible bugfix for the bazillion phantom objects that show up on locate and owhere.

Remember that tidbit where we made sections of code reloadable? Well... we turned the idea around a little bit, and the whole flipping mud is reloadable. So long as we don't need to make a data structure change (which does happen from time to time), we won't even need a warmboot to slide in new toys. You'll know it when you see it ;)

Don't you hate it when you accidentally type a space after board 6 ? And how it always kicks back an error, and you cuss like a sailor, and then type board 6, and it works? Yeah, me too. Fixed.

Somehow managed to get a THIEF or KILLER flag? You'll go straight to the clink. Fuck passing Go.

Douchehammer is now a damverb at 90k.

February 26, 2006:
Major set of performance optimizations. race_lookup( "Shadow" ) is slow, as it calls str_prefix and does a brute force lookup against the race table. This is fucking ignorant when RACE_SHADOW will get you the same number in a microsecond. What's worse is there's 50 billion calls just like it littered through the code. Or there were. This should result in code that runs slightly faster, especially during heavy load situations like popup smurf.

Fixed an oops where the imm 'pit' command wasnt necessarily looking at the main donation pit. Should've done that when we put in the clan donation pits. My bad on that :) (Thanks Reku for pointing that out)

 Every bit of plague code save some placeholders has been ripped out. If you bought cure plague and now can't use it-- sorry about your luck ;)

Change to the Quest Mob behaviour. Previously, it gave the name of the room where it currently was. Now, it'll only do that when it's worth 4 tokens. When it's worth less, it'll only give the area name.

January 16, 2006:
Fixed a crash bug in the newcorpse routine. Players logged on WiTh ThOse FucKInG AnNoYiNg Caps would cause the newcorpse function not to find their corpse - and then crash the mud.

New look to the who list.

January 10, 2006:
We've heard your feedback on the new xp system, and we've heard the concern that when the mud's packed, xp sucks. For starters, let me take a moment to clarify that those xp modifications _ONLY_ affect those with more than 20k hp, mana, or moves; at that point you should be checking out more and more areas of the mud. Anywho, we've heard the concern that the more people are on, the more difficult it is to find good xp areas. So, we've made an adjustment to help that out. The mud will now take the number of 150s and 151s logged on into account when computing xp. If we got a packed house, the xp will be higher to account for the fact its more difficult to find good places to go. If there's not a lot of 150s/151s on, then there's a much greater chance you'll be able to find areas that haven't been touched in more than an hour, and get the bigger xp gains accordingly. Once again, this only affects players over 20k hp or mana or moves.

January 8, 2006:
ou may now do multiple train converts and train creates. Now stop spamming the fucking mud, please.

Cdonate command. Do the fucking math. It's for donating straight to your clan pit. If you're not in a clan, it goes to the main pit. And maybe you should think about getting some friends.

Code is now in place monitoring how long people take to log in. If you really need more than 5 minutes to create a character, tough shit.

Code is now in place that records when a mob is loaded into the game. The longer the mob's in the game, the more xp you get. If you're still playing in highly trafficked areas and wondering why the xp just isn't what it used to be, this might be a big hint to get out and actually check out the wide selection of other areas where nobody has been playing. Here's a real big hint. Mobs that have been loaded in the game for a week but not killed will yield 8x their normal xp. So go explore already. Its a big fucking world out there.

January 7, 2006:
Fixes to the practice system. You *should* now be able to practice skills from not only your current class, but from previous classes. Note: This does not apply to purchased remorts.

Bugfix in train that allowed monetary gain.

Some protective fixes so that hopefully lowbies dont have their remort status fuckered up by FTB.

XP bugfix so that 150s and 151s can actually gain more than one level off a single mob.

Legends asked to throw em a fricken bone over there. So Zeke did.

November 3, 2005:
The new damage verbs are in. We will be posting details on the quest in a bit.

The damage verbs have been rescaled, so what you thought they were has changed, mostly to make room for the new verbs. See HELP DAMAGE for details.

For those who don't care for some of our more adult oriented ones (in red on help damage), use config + tameverbs.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Because everybody in the room has to see the same damage verb for a particular hit, if one person in the room has tameverbs on, ONLY tame verbs will be used for ANY combat hit. In the event tameverbs is on, the next
highest 'tame' damverb will be used.

October 23, 2005:
Another bugfix to the benediction spell. The way the code was written, it should have been impossible for two people with the benediction spell to be engaged in combat. However, since it's possible, we've put in the same check and fix (mutual annihilation) as flamestrike.

September 22, 2005:
You actually have to have steal slightly practiced in order to do it.

Tweaked steal a bit so 150s don't have free steals from those under L50.

Typo fix in lottery.

Slight oopsie fix in the boards.

Adjusted the clan load to make it possible to reload certain bits of clan information from the db without a warmboot.

Benediction vs Flaming Shield used to make the mud go boom. They now cancel each other out like flaming shield vs flaming shield does.

The new damverbs that were planned are now in.

Adjusted code that uses the damverbs to be much cleaner.

Removed the references to the word MURDER. We don't do such things here.

Moved quickchange in the interpreter sequence so qui (if you want to QUIT, spell it out!) takes precedence.

Fixed an oops in obj_data. The values array there was still the old envy style array of 4 instead of the array of 12, was making a mess of some things.

Typo fix in the bite command for FA clan.

August 20, 2005:
Scry now has a wait state associated with it. And don't try to use it to spot noportal mobs, because you won't see them.
New area repop message added.
Couple racial skills didn't have wait states. Now they do.
Fixed Who a bit so Tiax's 100k legend levels looks okay.
Minor adjustment to Bacchant to make them compliant with the original spec (dex was supposed to be -1 and was +1, con was supposed to be +1 and was -1).
Moved racial skills into a loadable module like paintball, so we can tweak it on the fly without a warmboot now too.
Added a safety check into the interpreter that will prevent a possible crash with the loadable module code.
The paintball notes are now working. Let the bragging righs begin!
A critical oops was found in player initiated paintball games. Given the next wave of changes dont lend themselves to player run games (yet), player run games are temporarily disabled until further notice. The next couple sets of paintball changes will explain better, so stay tuned. And no, there's not an ETA. Yet.

July 31, 2005:
You can now give more than 2 billion coins.
Implemented code to allow us to reload certain parts of the mud code on the fly, without even a warmboot. At this point, its just the paintball module, but we will be migrating other parts of the code over time. What will you see? Only the results. How is it done? The darkest black geek magick ever, that even Erond is scared to talk about ;)

July 30, 2005:
Paintball under the hood changes.
Possible eq duping patch.
Security updates to most of the races.
Minor adjustments to the Super Race.
Moved one of the big tables back out of the database for performance reasons.

July 17, 2005:
Passwords on the mud are no longer limited to 8 characters, as they are on most muds (limitation of crypt()).
Added the Super race, quick change and super power skills.
Removed the check for tildes in passwords, kinda pointless given they're stored in a db.
Previously, if you were affected by fury and joined paintball, the fury affect was removed for free. You now are no longer able to join paintball if you are affected by fury or poison.
Knocked down mob's saving throw a little since the stock code gives a stupidly high chance of the mob making a saving throw.
Broke a bunch of the paintball commands up to make it easier to manage.

July 1, 2005:
Crash fix in act()
Addition of the clanlist command for those clanned type folks. Note that it only pulls information from the database, so those long lost players who have been archived won't show up.
Addition of initial hooks for SPC "Super People Club", a new clan brought to you by Tiax, Alora, and Ryne.

May 22, 2005:
Say no longer works if you're silenced. If you're silenced, we really DO want you to STFU ;)
Slight change to the rent command. For a quick giggle, type rent.
If you're looking at a mob that doesn't have anything in it's inventory, it actually WILL say 'Nothing'. (Thanks Scorpios)
Houses have their own object chains now, so there shouldn't be any more fucked up stuff on locate.
'Deaths' on score now has room for 6 digits. Sorry about that Borgie...
Title, email, icq, www, and comments have been moved into the database.
Bunch more stuff for the UP framework is in. Someday this damn thing will get done and we can tell you about it...
New board, #10. It's empty now, but the game plan is to have paintball games automatically record winners and other stuff onto the board for historical purposes and/or bragging rights.
Autoloot now works properly if a dead mob has just one lousy coin on it. (Thanks Azorak)
The oopsie where mobs sometimes showed up twice (i.e. as guard and then later as 10.guard) has been fixed (Thanks Tiax)
Energy drain now reports failure if the target makes the saving throw. (Thanks Hanh)
The imm command to rename players is fixed and available again.

April 23, 2005:
Under the hood stuff. Clan and rank are pulled from the db table now instead of the pfile.

April 22, 2005:
BBTokens are now tracked as part of your pfile. You dont need debit cards any more. Just check score or worth.

April 20, 2005:
Added a rap channel
The corpse decay code now is sensitive to take vs notake items. If you've got notake items such as lotto tickets (that you cannot possibly get) the corpse will decay.
The code will also block you if you attempt to walk out of the final room of purgatory when there's still takeable items in your corpse. Ditto for entering a portal. And purgatory itself should be no-recall. So make sure to get __ALL__ your shit before leaving.
Whoopsie fix where player passwords were not deleted from the db when the player deletes.

April 12, 2005:
Player passwords are now pulled from the database, not pfiles.

April 10, 2005:
Bugfix in buying PB credits. Rules say its 5 credits for 1 token. Arsenic must have been high on crack and jonesing for Arby's because the bastard made it 5 for 5. Fixed.
Quote Channel. Yolanda made me do it.

March 27, 2005:
Empty containers now say 'There is nothing of value in <whatever>'.
Added dxtime command and dx_duration environmentals for scheduling double xp.
Blank passwords are no longer accepted.
SQL interface tweak
Bugfix: Non empty corpses will no longer decay. Really. We mean it this time.

March 4, 2005
Auctioning trash items now says a more grammatically correct statement (thanks Syhria for pointing that out).
Typo in taking tokens is now fixed.
The friends channel won't auto-turn on when you log in any more (thanks Tiax).
Update won't auto-turn on when you die or kill the qmob any more.

March 1, 2005:
Added a couple more things into the code for detecting people using triggers during paintball.
Added code to honor the db flag not to load a given area. The mobs and object templates will still be available, but the rooms, exits, resets, and extra descs on the rooms will not be loaded. (It takes a couple extra seconds
at boot to sort this out, but it'll be easy to junk crappy old areas now).
Level 155 items will just poof when donated, instead of cluttering up the pit (Good idea Tiax).
The big change is a new object slot for paintball guns. No more of this assinine removing of held items/second wields to make room for the gun, and inadvertently fucking up everyone else in the game from time to time.

February 19, 2005:
Items flagged "dark" can't be peeked at any more.
Nofollow command and config option are now available. Thank/blame Azo.
Tweak to hopefully make the autodisplay of skills at the bottom of helps be a little more reliable.
Empty containers no longer vanish.
Shopkeepers can now deal properly with items that value more than 20 mill.
Auctioning items that are worth less than 10 gold? Don't bother.
Random imm commands got prettier.
Oops fix in the warmboot code that tanked the mud if an imm was switched when the boot started. Hopefully (once again) that's the last emergency warmboot fix.
Some ban code cleanups.
Oops crash fix in assassinate.
Mobs with eq that affect their hp/mana/moves get restored at load time.
Typo in the auction code got fixed.

January 8, 2005:
Donated items will now have a value of zero. No more raiding the pit and hocking the items for cash.
When you are ungrouped, you will now be forced to stop following the leader. For kicking out those little trolls who just won't go away.
Config +/- beep now works.
Nodrop items can no longer be auctioned.
Items of type light and treasure can now be auctioned. However, certain high value items will still be blocked.
Bugfix in the emergency warmboot code. If someone was creating a character when the mud started going down, we'd get a double crash, and actually take the mud down. Now, that poor slob gets the boot so the rest of the mud can stay up.
Update and Paintball channels are now off by default for new players.
Who the fuck used fortify weapon any more anyways? Gone.
Kill counter should work properly once again for 150s going after the big fugly mobs in BBT
You have to have death touch practiced at at least 1% for it even to have a chance of hitting. Previously, even if it wasnt practiced at all, there was still a 1% chance of a lucky shot.
Using a PC/NPC's full name will have preference over a partial match, ie, if someone creates a new char  'Zeker', t zeke would still get to me before it'd go to them, regardless of other factors.
The note write flag will automatically get cleared when you log in or come back from an emergency boot.
Automatic saves now after each time you level.
Players in rooms flagged as "underground" will no longer see the sunrise / sunset messages.
Time limit imposed on the immortal 'for' command. If it runs longer than 5 seconds, everyone gets a message. If it goes longer than 30 seconds, the command will stop prematurely.

December 29, 2004:
Legend levels now show properly on whois.
Friends doesnt show up twice on the channels command any more.
Lots of under-the-hood changes to auction, should handle large (>2GB) gold properly now.
Lotto scratchers will no longer give lottery vouchers.
Crashfix in smelt.
Oops fix in promote -- rank 8s can no longer bump off rank 9s.
Legends get fury and chase skills
More money fixes in the bank system.
You may not attack a mob that's fighting someone you're not grouped with.
Lots of XP tweaks -- big change here for those with >200K HP, mana, or moves.
Bugfix in Berserk.
Legends get to scribe all skills.
All buffers are now 4x longer.
Hack to autorename vouchers has been removed.
Tweaks to Miracle Smurf and Headless HorseSmurf..
Legends get to get drunk now too.
Couple typo cleanups.
dded vasectomizes and fubars for damage verbs 

November 12, 2004:
Legend levels now show up on who.

November 9, 2004:
One minor bugfix in the clans code (ch, victim, whats the difference?)
Newbies now load with a copy of the diary already in their inventory.

November 8, 2004:
Stars channel now has its own color slot.
Format of the stars channel now looks like the other channels.
Couple new damage verbs were added.

 November 7, 2004:
Stars channel
Lots of typo fixes
Following someone (and stopping) shows colors correctly
Ripped out a bunch of shit that doesnt need to be in the code
"Friends" shows on the channel listing
Bug fix on underwater breathing
Fixed an oops in chameleon power
Addition of the R0X0RZ and PWNZ damage verbs
Fixed an oops in the remort command
Ripped more dragon shit out

November 6, 2004:
Start of UP framework (and no, we're not telling, so don't ask)
Can now change the color on the Friends channel
Typo fix when someone steps out of a portal
Mobs walkin/walkout are now properly colored
Tweaks to hide/chameleon power
Legends dont get to pick up PC corpses
Sending a negative weight item will still cost you
Bugfix in send code which had been crashing the mud
Merge code now shows colors on objects
If a character that's not in a room saves (ie during a crash), it'll put them at the recall room
More fixes to the reconnection code
Rooms where pets are stored are now auto-noportal
Random cleanups
Identified the source of a couple bugs, flagged them, need to figure out how to fix them
Alias code now has %* for the entire set of arguments
Fixes to dispel magic
Offensive spells in safe rooms now display an error message
Scribe no longer allows you to go over your max weight
Mana fixes to darkbless and terror
Removed a bunch of Dragon shit
Disabled the mob scavenger code

November 3, 2004:
Reimplementation of friends/ftell as a channel
Misc code cleanups

October 31, 2004:
Friends/ftell installation

October 26, 2004:
Macros update
Items four levels higher than the player can now be purchased as well as used

October 24, 2004:
Macros update

October 18, 2004:
Friends/ftell initial framework

Octpber 11, 2004:
Macros framework

Octpber 2, 2004:
Changes to the connection system. Now can reconnect mid-note

September 28, 2004:
Bug fixes in OJ Simpsmurf

September 22, 2004:
Special flags on secondary weapon will now work
Oops fix in sanctify weapon

September 18, 2004:
Bug fixed in coinflip

September 13, 2004:
Dice and coinflip commands
Chase skill

September 5, 2004:

Crash resiliency, mud will now attempt a warmboot in the event of a crash
Minor bug tweaks

September 3, 2004:
OJ Simpsmurf spec ;)

September 1, 2004:
HR/DR sliders
Bugfix in the XP slider

August 28, 2004:
XP sliders
OLC fixes

August 25, 2004:
Lotsa little bug fixes

August 21, 2004:
Fury and rejuvenation skills
Help now shows the level of skills/spells automatically
Quaff bugfix
Lottery tickets now available for every 4 hours of ONLINE time

August 19. 2004:
Beware swarms...
Portals fix
Fixed bug that whacked out applies in OLC
Fixed bug that showed an incorrect number of notes on each board to be read

August 15, 2004:
More OLC bugs fixed in aedit
Changed the tags on the clan channels to show the clan logos

August 14, 2004:
Fixed crash oops in OLC. Blame Erond ;)

August 11, 2004:
Database conversion from Postgres to MySQL

August 7, 2004:
OLC updates

July 27, 2004:
Objects that wander

July 24, 2004:
OLC updates

July 23, 2004:
Grenades, landmines, and other things that go boom!

July 21, 2004:
Additional trickle flag code

July 20, 2004:
Crash bug fix

July 19, 2004:
Addition of code support for trickle flag

July 16, 2004:
Crash bug fix

July 1, 2004:
Scroll code cleanups
Corpses in purgatory no longer decay if they've got stuff in em

June 20, 2004:
Bugfix to block exits that dont exist
Reworked mana cost code

May 23, 2004:
Dazzle/Berzerk + flamestrike is a bad, bad thing

May 20, 2004:
Closed a loophole used by premium quest cheaters

May 16, 2004:
Gender code cleanups
More updates to the OLC code
Ripped out damaged equipment

October 14, 2002:
Updates to the OLC code

October 12, 2002:
Rearranged boards and OLC code a bit

October 5, 2002:
Tweaks to bias code to not generate as many L155 objects
Adjustments to the xp code to be more generous
Be more generous with movement gain
Bugfix in the remort system

September 23. 2002:
Bugfix in interpreter that didnt handle levels correctly

August 28, 2002:
Tweaks to the help system
New newbie pack
More OLC cleanups and additions
Wrapup of code to support 'pieces'

August 27, 2002:
OLC cleanups

August 25, 2002:
Use of ingredients is temporarily disabled while we reorganize it to something a little better than it was.
Lag on casting portals has decreased.
Yet more changes to the levels objects on shopkeepers reset at.
Knocked down the chance of misportals slightly.

August 24, 2002: 
Another batch of tweakage to object loading levels. 
Make notes always load in date order. 
Bug fixes in imm commands and OLC. 
Interpreter conversion to use a hashing scheme (thanks Exotabe for the idea we hashed out a long time ago.) 

August 8, 2002: 
Another batch of tweakage to object loading levels. 
Additional tweak to reset loading odds. 

July 31, 2002: 
Yet more tweaks to object loading levels. 
Cleanup in the module to import envy-ish areas to better handle malformed resets. 

July 24, 2002: 
Migrated socials over to OLC. 
A few minor code cleanups. 

July 21, 2002: 
Fixed long standing oversights in the Shadow race. 
Cleaned up bugs in the helps editor. 

July 20, 2002: 
Stretched a buffer to stop an overflow issue. 
Tweaked the level objs on shopkeepers loaded at. 
Fixed a bug in the boards. 
Fixed a couple other minor bugs. 
Why did we write it so some objects loaded at the level equal to the vnum of the mob, instead of the mob's level? 
Replaced Arsenic's level/odds based code for slowing down resets of high level items. 
Fixed ITEM_LOAD_ALWAYS type items. 
Fixed an oops in the extra_desc import mechanism. 
Fixed some bugs in CnL. 
Fixed a bug not showing levels in the where command. 
Fixed a busted imm command. 
Tweaked the eq loading levels a bit to work better. 
Slid a bit of code in place so if players are lugging around eq at too high a level, it poofs. 

July 20, 2002: 
Stretched a buffer to stop an overflow issue. 

July 8, 2002: 
Converting yet more stuff to the SQL engine. 
Ripping out some code which never really got used. 

July 7, 2002: 
Bugfixes associated with the new connection system. 
21,808 lines of converting the areas to use the SQL engine bliss. 
Converting yet more stuff to the SQL engine. 

June 29, 2002: 
Fixed a long standing bug that cost many people their eq. 
Typos to fix. 
So you wanna charm the quest mob do you? Bad plan. 
Random little onesy-twosy code cleanups. 
Moved the boards to use the SQL engine. 
Added the new connection state system. 

June 26, 2002: 
Yet another patch to keep ingredients out of the lousy grubbing hands of mobs. 
Bunch of internal changes. 
Mobs can't whirlwind. So don't even try. 

June 26, 2002: 
Under the hood changes to allow for some new features. 

April 2, 2002: 
Merge command and ITEM_PIECE. Allows multiple objects to be combined into something else. 

March 17, 2002: 
More C++ conversion tweaks. 
Initial implementation of the SQL database engine. 
The first patch is 15,396 lines, its a fuckin bigassed wad of changes, and most of em are the first two things. 
Yet more code to slow down gamblers. 
Converted the clan system to use the new SQL back end. 
Ripped out some of the DOS & Win32 compatibility code, because it wouldn't work anyways. 
Added environmental variables to the SQL engine for cross-reboot persistence. 

March 16, 2002: 
C++ conversion and other code cleanups. 

March 14, 2002: 
Muted? Then you can't talk, can you? 
Better sanity checking on autolooting ingredients. 
Bugfix in steal. 
Fixed a truncated pfile issue. 
Fixed a typo in vampiric bite. 
Centralized the char_to_random_room code. 
Fixes for the quest mob. 

February 27, 2002: 
Bugfix in giving ingredients. Doesnt make much sense to see if the target is a mob if you havent looked for it yet, right? 
Mobs can't pick up ingredients, either. 
Bugfix in berzerk, separated the frenzy command for TKB. 
Smokebomb needs ingredients. 

January 27, 2002: 
Added the bacchant race and beer belch skill for TKB. 

January 15, 2002: 
Typo fix in feed. 
Code cleanup in can_drop_obj. 

January 2, 2002: 
Fixed a bug in the spam overflow code. 
Commented out a bug, adding one of Zeke's classic expletive-ridden comments questioning why the line was even there to begin with. 

December 21, 2001: 
Changed the timer on portals. 

October 30, 2001: 
Performance tweaks to the remote proxy code. 

October 29, 2001: 
Whoops, the changes in the pulse per second setting screwed a couple of things up. Fixed em. 
Fixed a data corruption bug in the new gatewaying code. 

October 28, 2001: 
Hidden exits. 
Slow down the power betters. Call Gamblers Anonymous. 
Bugfixes to mining skills. 
Added smelt, forage, atonement, swarm, conversion, and quicksand skills. 
Quest mob! 
Added ability to connect to or 
Removed logging of every area reset. 
Boosted pulses per second from 4 to 20. Wow, instant performance boost for the mud :) 

October 16, 2001: 
Bugfix in one of the gambling routines. 
Might be nice to pick that voucher up. 
HP2Mana period is over, command is now removed. 
Code cleanup in the meditate skill. 

October 7, 2001: 
Added Keno. 
Changes to the mining skill. 
Added the banish undead skill. 
Added cure greater poison to Lady A. 
Necro spell. 

October 1, 2001: 
Tweaks to the betting system. 
Mining, steal soul, and call death skills added. 

September 30, 2001: 
Slot machines and lotto scratch-off tickets added. 
More ingredient tweaks. 
Holy items do more damage to evil mobs. 
Scribable scrolls. 
Sanctify weapon skill added. 

September 18, 2001: 
Benediction skill. 
Gangbang rooms (woohoo!) 
No remove alignment flags. 
Greater cure, greater poison, animate dead, and holystrike skills added. 
Added failure messages to spells that needed them. 

September 9, 2001: 
Mobs can't drop or give ingredients. 
Fixed an oops in HP2Mana. 
Added steal breath and death cloud skills. 
Typo fixes. 
More code to enforce limits on number of ingredients. 

September 8, 2001: 
Frosted items. 
More ingredients code. 
Fixes to the repair code. 
Lifetap spell. 
Added code to monitor when resets happen. 
HP2Mana in the game to allow players to convert. 
Fixed an eq mem leak. 

September 6, 2001: 
Ingredients system. 
You can't run out of movement in purgatory. 
Nodestroy option on some things. 

September 3, 2001: 
Make it easier to learn everything. 
Tweaks to the damaged eq system. 
Other minor code cleanups. 
Changes to the reset load percentage stuff. 
Newbies dont get hungry or thirsty. 

September 2, 2001: 
Adding learning to bash, steal, and poison weapon might be nice. 
Cleanups in the butcher code. 
Added damage to eq, the fortified flag, and the repair skill. 
Typing shoot 2. in paintball is pretty cheap. And now it dont work. 

September 1, 2001: 
Added code to scale back the frequency that higher level eq pops at. 

August 30, 2001: 
Block a potential eq duplication bug. 

July 3, 2001: 
Blocked a possible spam attack. 

June 30, 2001: 
Good idea: fixing that Smurfazord is dying bug. Bad idea: forgetting to put in all the code to make it work. 
Log remorts. 
Log people who make 150. 

June 13, 2001: 
No, Smurfazord isn't dying, the hp/max_hp computation just needs to be 64 bit. 
Bad player, no paintball! 
Cleaned up a small weight bug. 

May 16, 2001: 
Long live Dhelvanen. Rest in peace Rob, my son. 

May 10, 2001: 
Added the forlang channel. Now pretty please. With sugar on top. Stop speaking French on the fucking chat channel. 

November 15, 2000: 
Nobody can carry more than 100 items, so why let em buy them? 

November 4, 2000: 
No portaling to imm only and no_portal rooms. 

October 29, 2000: 
Added a cleanup to Lady A. 

October 11, 2000: 
I won't pretend to understand, but if it means that much to you, you can now have a prompt longer than 50 chars. 

September 30, 2000: 
Optimizations to the ban code. 
Yet more changes to whirlwind to appease the infuriated. 

September 29, 2000: 
Make the slash skill a little better. 
Add the enliven skill and give it to Lady A. 
Make the whirlwind skill more palatable. 

September 28, 2000: 
Tweaks to the berzerk code. 
The infamous first cut at changes to whirlwind that pissed off so many. 
Enter the chihuahua: I got your chalupas right here, biatch! 

September 23, 2000: 
Quitting now makes your charmies go byebye. 

October 11, 2000: 
I won't pretend to understand, but if it means that much to you, you can now have a prompt longer than 50 chars. 

September 30, 2000: 
Optimizations to the ban code. 
Yet more changes to whirlwind to appease the infuriated. 

September 29, 2000: 
Make the slash skill a little better. 
Add the enliven skill and give it to Lady A. 
Make the whirlwind skill more palatable. 

September 28, 2000: 
Tweaks to the berzerk code. 
The infamous first cut at changes to whirlwind that pissed off so many. 
Enter the chihuahua: I got your chalupas right here, biatch! 

September 23, 2000: 
Quitting now makes your charmies go byebye. 

September 8, 2000: 
Please, what the hell's a mob gonna do with clan tokens? 
Random cleanups in the object update code. 
Code optimizations in the imm 'for' command. 

September 2, 2000: 
Changes to the output processing of the mud for large buffers of data. (Read: Zeke's gonna GP all the mobs tonight....) 
Cleanups to the code handling guard responses to buttheads bashing through a door. 

August 25, 2000: 
Fixes for fly vs. levitate. 
Fixes to carried weight & usable level code. 
Fixes to the quaff code. 
Stretched the max buffer sizes. 
Converted db load code to read entire file into a buffer, then parse it out. Speed baby, speed. 
Random typo fixes. 

July 23, 2000: 
Code cleanups in the bugs/ideas/typos/etc commands.  

March 17, 2000: 
Dying was supposed to reverse the effect of slash. And now it does. 

March 10, 2000: 
Infinite loop crash fix in portals. 

March 3, 2000: 
Crash fix for dazzle. 

Feburary 13, 2000: 
Vampires can only drink blood! 
Tweaks to the interpreter system for legends. 

Feburary 5, 2000: 
Addition of xchat channel. 
Yolanda's major update to the liquids table. 
Fixed lack of a failure message for heighten senses. 
Code now in place to enforce minimum level 50 for clan enrollment. 
More paintball cleanups. 
Everyone must re-accept the rules, since they've changed. 
Grammar fix in newbie welcome message. 
Yet another enhancement to the output buffers. 
Spiced up S2K: The smurf who shagged me is not enough. 
Victims of spells cast by objects now get a saving throw. (Thanks Erond). 
Fixed up the flower girl. She was previously much too annoying. 

January 9, 2000: 
Lotsa paintball cleanups. 

January 2, 2000: 
Addition of the paintball channel. 
Stretched output buffers to accomodate much larger output. 
Flowers now show up properly on the identify spell. 

December 27, 1999: 
Fixed crash bug in the review command. 
Added wait states to reciting scrolls. 
More paintball cleanups, added imms vs mortals war mode.
Added cure plague. 
Made whirlwind more likely. 
Enhanced the complete healing spell. 
Removed vembrace. 
Added color to some of the weather updates. 

December 11, 1999: 
Cleanups & performance enhancements in the inter-mud channel code. 
Fixed crash bug in channel code. 

December 10, 1999: 
Added inter-mud channels so channels will connect with builder's port. 
Q&A channel cleanups. 
Fixed infinite loop glitch in scry. 

December 9, 1999: 
Added gemote for global emotes. 
Added clan tokens. 
Added post office to send objects around the mud (for a price). 
Added ATMs. 

November 28, 1999: 
Fixed a few minor glitches in the new channel code. 

November 20, 1999: 
Complete overhaul of the channel system. 
Added paintball channel for PB updates. 
Added ability to set clantalk/claninfo channel colors. 
Fixes in the newcorpse command. 

November 19, 1999: 
Paintball overhaul so that the MVP code doesn't crash the mud any more. 

November 15, 1999: 
Paintball additions. 
New wear locations: back and ankles. 
Added new races: tree and dryad. 
Alustrial now will no longer tolerate mobs in the temple. 

October 18, 1999: 
Paintball (!) 
Added death touch skill. 

October 11, 1999: 
Fixed infinite loop bug with portals that led to the room they're in. 
Cleanup in underwater breathing. 
Added wraith, seraphium and werewolf races. 
Can't use spells to get out of jail any more. Sorry ;) 
Added smell & flower objects. 
Added the following skills: 
    counter strike 
    psychic reading 
    prismatic spray 

October 1, 1999: 
Added shadow race, smoke bomb skill, and hecatomb skill for Conscious Spectre. 

September 25, 1999: 
Added code to prevent easily duplication of heavy weapons. 

September 7, 1999: 
Fixed typo when players are penalized xp. 
Fixed bug where players who were kicked out of a clan could still read the clan board. 
Number objects found in 'locate' spell now capped at 100. 

August 29, 1999: 
The 'scan' command used to read 'xxxxx scans intensly %t.' when the direction was provided. 
Minor under the hood change to aid in debugging certain types of crashes. 
Fixed a bug in the OLC that caused areas to stomp on each other. 
Fixed code so greeting can be changed online. 

August 15, 1999: 
Various code cleanups. 
The mud will no longer leaves the update channel on when players level. 

August 2, 1999: 
Added time zone into time displays. 

June 29, 1999: 
Various cleanups in the channel code & color code. 
Fix in the clan demotion code, so rank 8s cant demote their leader. 
Fixed crash bug in 'look in portal'. 

June 20, 1999: 
Fixed the flaming shield spell. 

June 19, 1999: 
Added note read last, note read again, note reply, and note forward. 
Fixed bug that prevented mobs from doing anything other than socials. 
Fixed bug in the 'awe' spell. If you fail, now you know why. 
The dragonfairy now tells you which board a note was posted on. 

June 16, 1999: 
Fixed an oops in the 'affects' command which, in some cases used to not show anything. 
Fixed an oops in the 'who' command which showed players who hadn't finished logging on. 
Fixed a crash bug in 'finger'. 
Fixed a bug where entering a portal without an exit crashed the mud. 
Minor output change on the 'visible' command. 
Added code to allow multiple trains in one command. 
Fixed crash bug in the 'promote' command. 
New skills: sure grip, dazzle, gore, boobytrap, and slash. 
Fixed warmboot code to play nicer with the builder's port. 
Fixed warmboot code to play nicer should the warm boot fail. 
Fixed a crash bug in the anti-spam code. 
Lots of code cleanup. 
Little Bo Peep, Phase I. 

April 24, 1999: 
Because of abuse, the auctioner of a particular item is no longer permitted to bid on it. 
Added online help editor. 
Fixed bug that prevented imms from advancing players past 150. 
You will now automagically go AFK after 10 ticks. 
Bumped up the maximum string length to accomodate the new OLC helps. 

April 2, 1999: 
Final removal of old color system (!) 
Setting of all color options now works properly. 

March 31, 1999: 
Fixed color oops in reply command. 
Cleaned up color code in look command. 
You can now 'rest' from a sleeping position, and wake to resting. 

March 20, 1999: 
Another round of cleanup in the switch code. 

March 19, 1999: 
Fixed the switch code to be cleaner. 
Fixed errors in flaming shield. 

March 17, 1999: 
Fixed the nofinger option so it works properly. 

March 6, 1999: 
Added the cls (clear screen) command. 
Fixed in oops in the string --> really big number conversion routine. 

February 28, 1999: 
You can now get stuff outta your bags even when you're carrying a lot of weight. 

February 27, 1999: 
You may now eat pills even if you're full 
Fixed some crash bugs involving switched imms 
Added forced read and acceptance of the rules (Sorry for the inconvenience!) 
Began code cleanup in spells/skill table 
Players can now cast 'remove silence' in rooms with cone of silence! 
Fixed oops in healer code 
Added heal recharge to heal mana quickly 
Increased some of the healer's prices 

February 24, 1999: 
Minor bugfixes 

February 11, 1999: 
Fixed some final color sequences in notes 

January 22, 1999: 
Warm reboots! 
Changes to time command to show time of initial boot as well as current boot 
More changes in the auction system for 'bid' instead of 'bet' 
Cleaned out some extraneous code 
Added new fluid types 
Restored bank functionality that was accidentally removed on 17 January 1999 

January 17, 1999: 
Added support for really large ( >2GB ) amounts of cash 
Added command for imms to flush the pit 
Removed all hard coded color sequences from notes system 
Fixed hide skill to not display !Hide! when it times out 
More work on the remort system 
Fixed bugs in who that was displaying certain non-members of given clans 

January 4, 1999: 
Changed auction so that auction 'bid' works 

January 3, 1999: 
Fixed oops in loading clan ranks 

January 2, 1999: 
Addition of automated auction channel 
Groundwork for dynamic clan changes added 
Stripped heroes of ability to group with anyone 
Several code cleanups for newer version of gcc 

December 6, 1998: 
Minor bug and crash fixes. 

October 18, 1998: 
Typo fixes in train create/convert and enhanced damage. 
Minor grammar fixes in damage and weather messages. 
Fix for bugs introduced to prompt and desc commands. 
Heroes no longer show up or count as 'stars' on who. 
The typo, bug, and idea commands now thank the player for the typo, bug report, or idea. 
Your prompt code now shows up on 'review.' 
Paging may now be disabled by setting pagelength to zero. 
MOTD system replaced by news system. Use 'news list' and 'news read' like 'note list' and 'note read'.

October 11, 1998: 
Lots of code cleanup. 
Changed verb on music channel to read 'xxxx sings'. 
Changed verb on question channel to read 'xxxx asks'. 
If player A tells player B something while B is writing a note, let them know the message didn't go through. 
Cleaned up poses a bit so they at least work for the bulk of the players. 
Replaced the delete command. 'Delete yes' is out. 'Delete password' is in. 
Removed 'quit deleted' fake method of deletion. 
Made dates and times on 'time' and 'sstime' look nicer. 
Tidied up output from the 'channels' command. 
Added autoglance configuration option/command. 
Added 'linewrap' command to turn on linewrapping on player's terminal. 
Added autowrap configuration option/command to do it automatically upon connection. 
Added 'review' command to review your title, descriptions, etc. 
Added settable walkins and walkouts, similar to bamfin and bamfout. 
You now fly into the next room when you bash through doors. 
You can no longer drop money or give it away until after level 3. 
Added cls command to send an ANSI clear screen command. 
Mud automatically wizlocks at first warning of impending shutdown. 
First cut at overhauling remort code. 
Fixed typo in liquids: whisky should be whiskey. 
Fixed problem where xp would drain to pathetic levels. XP should be normal now. 
You may not remain sneaking in the middle of a fight. 
The poison spell is no longer cumulative. 
Actual text messages when disarm fails! 
Fix for eq bug at remort time- no need to 'wear all' anymore. 
Distance socials will vary whether the target is in the same area as the sender. 
You are now allowed to cast offensive spells on yourself in safe rooms. 
Mobs can't steal while fighting any more. 
'Note list' now tells you what board you're looking at. 
Updated the imm names that adepts say while casting spells. 
'Finger' command, replacing profile, now allows check of offline users. 
Whois command now matches the 'who' command better. 
Clan board. 

September 13-15, 1998: 
Updated list of immortals in 'sacrifice'. 
Updated clan information for Blue Rose, Dreamers, and Midnight Society. 
Replaced clan 'Amber' with Maylissa's new clan, 'Nightmare'. 
Updated area repop messages. 

September 7, 1998: 
Added code to prevent 'clan hopping.' 
Additions to who: who clan, who legend, who stars. 
Fixed outputs from transfer command. 
Fixed extraneous lines on wizcommands to give tokens/xp to all. 
Typo fix in detect_hidden spell. 
Crash fix in OLC. 

August 30, 1998: 
Fixed oops that allowed non-clan people to have a channel. 
Changed the Builders' board to allow level 150's to post. 
Added code allowing Legends to gain power. 
Fixed code so that players gaining power keep the xp over 1k they gain. 

August 23, 1998: 
Massive internal overhaul of clan system. 
Thoroughly cleaned up the channels code. 
Added ClanInfo channel for informational messages pertaining to clan activity. 
Added code to allow clans to set their own rank names. 
Minor internal overhaul of the who and score commands. 
Added code to display clan logo on who. 
Added code to prevent titles on who from wrapping past 80 characters. 
Added code to allow clan and claninfo channels to be turned off. 
Added code to allow a space between the +/- and the channel on the channel command. 
Rearranged items on config command to present a sorted list. 
Added code to allow people in clans to choose whether / is a normal recall or a clan recall. 
Fixed up some code in the sac all routine that was granting too many goodies. 
Added better messages in the promote, demote, clan leadership, and clan enrollment routines. 
Fixed visual bugs in the transfer code. 
Added a board for the discussion of area building. 
Fixed some underlying bugs in the color code. 
Patched bug that allowed players to overflow their bank accounts to negative amounts. 

August 11, 1998: 
Sorted output on the 'socials' and 'commands' commands. 
Made items with holy fire only damage evil folks. 
Added the ability to sac all. 
Fixed bug in character save/load routine. 
Added is_nice flag for certain mobs to force the mob to always social back. 

August 10, 1998: 
Oops fixes in the Legend channel and socials command. 

August 9, 1998: 
Fixed Hero and Legend channels to make them standardized. 
Moved player 'bug' reports to a different file from the automated bug reports so we can see what the players are saying. 
Fixed overflow/crash bug in the pager system. 
Added code to allow refined social and command listings. 
Added code to allow channel +/- all. 
Added code to allow a space between the +/- and the config item on the config command. 
Added code to give responses when someone already has a particular spell cast on them. 
Added code preventing get all pit. 
Added code to restrict alias variables to %0 - %9. 

August 7, 1998: 
Finally fixed the elusive socket leak. 

August 6, 1998: 
Fixed crash bug caused by players with more than 1000 items dying. 

July 30, 1998: 
Fixed crash bug which was caused by mobs executing the 'alias' command. 
Fixed crash bug which was caused by is_safe check on recently deceased mobs and players. 

July 25, 1998: 
Fixed crash bug which was caused by mobs executing the 'worth' command. 
Fixed 'snare' command to not go through if the mob is 'safe'. 
Added code to prevent players from logging on twice. 
Fixed oops in patch from July 20, 1998 which prevented reboots from happening. 
Started code for no-disarm items. 

July 20, 1998: 
Miscellaneous code cleanups in the channel system. Lots more going to be needed =P. 
First cut at trying to find an elusive socket leak. 
Fixed 'reserved' skill/spell so that mortals don't hit it and crash the game. 
Added code to make c 'res' act as 'restoration' as it's usually intended. 
First cut at trying to fix objects loading on the ground at REALLY low levels. 
Slow down the healing process tremendously if the player is really badly hurt. 
Fixed code for hot/cold room flags. 

July 12, 1998: 
Fixed color bugs in say and tell commands. 
Fixed crash bug where user could put ~ in an alias. 
Added code to allow look nn.item. 
Added autosplit command and code. 
Fixed letter case so that the + value of nosummon and abbrev is capitalized. 
Added glance command. 
Fixed some anomalies in pick, unlock, open, close, and lock commands. 
Fixed train create to allow you to use 'train create' on your last 10 practices. 
Removed code that previously allowed anyone in your group to loot your corpse. 
Fixed reversed greater than/less than symbol in do_steal. 
Changed 'note write' to verify you can write on a board BEFORE seeing the (NOTEW) flag. 
Colorized the %r item on prompts. 
Made the DISARMS message bright white to stand out a bit. 
Fix crash bug in the riposte command. 
Split the recall command and word of recall spells. 
Made abbreviations the default for new characters. 

July 10, 1998: 
Fixed crash bug in 'locate' spell. Intermittent garbage was showing up and crashing the game.
Fixed crash bug in 'summon' spell. Summoning yourself no longer crashes the mud.