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The Keep of Mahn-Tor           Chris           [Level 15-35]
Synopsis -  There’s actually two parts to this area. The first part is the one I could find as a mortal, and that’s the ogre village. The second part apparently has Mahn-Tor, but finding him is not worth the trouble. There’s really nothing special here. Just go in, get the gauntlets from the chieftain and get out, cause there’s not much else worth seeing here. About as exciting and imaginative as the builder’s name actually.

Important Mobs - Ogre chieftain

Important Objects - gauntlets of ogre power


Mobs           - 3 - A lot of mobs here, but not worth a second glance.

Objects        - 1 - The loneliest number.

Rooms         - 1 - The mist is awfully done.

Map Layout - 0 - It’s a cardinal sin. Very badly done.

Storyline       - 0 - Don’t drink before noon, you’ll only confuse people.

OVERALL RATING: 20%:   May God have mercy on his soul.

Kerofk          Caw           [All levels]           [Reviewed by Kalais]
Synopsis - Picture a town that is locked in darkness and twilight.  Once that is pictured, you'll have a general idea about the basis of Kerofk.  Then add an annoying set of Trials, and you have the full picture of what Kerofk has to offer.

 Important Mobs - MouseRider, MouseRider: Liche Version

 Important Objects: Robe of the Liche


 Mobs - 1.5 - The mob quantity is quite disappointing really.  I guess there are not many people who would want to live in a town that is covered in twilight, with no hope of a sunrise.  The mob quality is also lacking a bit.  There are really only two notable mobs, and those are MouseRider and MouseRider Liche.  Of course the name sounds like some sort of twisted nickname for one who enjoys bestiality, but I'd rather not go into that subject.

 Objects - 1 - The objects are almost non-existent, but it is there and it makes a little bit of sense.  For example, the arbalest is expensive and does nothing spectacular, but a big crossbow really does not come cheap.  The eagle amulet is nice; it gives a +3 dexterity, which makes good sense to me.  The second interesting item is the bird plate perch.  It is like an expensive paperweight, and that -3 intelligence is perfect for it.

 Rooms - 2 - The rooms are marginally better than the rest of the level.  The level is big, so there is a large amount of rooms, but about 7/8 of them are pretty devoid of mobs.  The descriptions are not bad, but there are some repeats that make it worse.  The maze is the real killer.  I know it is a maze, and I know you are supposed to get lost, but having the so many similar descriptions just annoys me a bit.

Map Layout - .5 - This is where the area really falters in my opinion.  The place is pretty convoluted.  I went through this area a good 4 or 5 times, and I still don't think I even figured out how this place works. The Cliffside is a major culprit, you fall off, yet you can go back west or north, and that leads to some other room on the Cliffside. 

 Story - 1.5 - It seems that the great sage, MouseRider somehow becomes a liche, but you never quite figure out how that happens, or where he gets those demons.  The start of a story is there, but if it were to be built upon, it would be better.  (PS: Make sure you put MouseRider out of his misery, if I were in his place, I would feel disgraced for having such a crappy name with a rather negative connotation.)

OVERALL RATING: 26% - This area has a glimmer of potential in it.  With some good revamping, this place could be pretty interesting.  For now, I suggest you stay away from this area, it is not worth it.


Lair of Jher           Garth           [Level 150-160]
Synopsis - This area is somewhat like the laundromat. You go in, do your thing but sooner or later, you want to get the hell out and go home. This area is purely for leveling at 150, what you see is what you get. Really no frills.

Important Mobs - Jher

Important Objects - jher’s dagger


Mobs           - 3 - Jher’s well done, but the nameless rabble of wargs is tediously boring.

Objects        - 3 - The dagger’s good, but the other objects are just window dressing.

Rooms         - 2 - Only 24 rooms here, so the fortress is kind of skimpy.

Map Layout - 1 - Point A to Point B, nothing really groundbreaking.

Storyline       - 3 - Can’t blame Jher for being angry, I wouldn’t wanna live here.

OVERALL RATING: 48%: Good for powerleveling though

Land of the Fire Newts           Nirrad           [Levels 5-15]
Synopsis - You are standing in a bad area. Sorry, but this awfully built dogcrap area repeats the same repetitive trash room after room. "You are standing" is the first line of EVERY description. The mobs aren't much better either, each having one line of blase garbage a 5 year old could've thought up.

Important Mobs - None

Important Objects - The crack that Nirrad smoked before he wrote this junk


Mobs           - 0 - Bunch of fire newts, one line descriptions, nothing great.

Objects        - 1 - The milk bladder's kind of cool, The rest of the objects are same old.

Rooms         - 0 - "You are standing"... You will be jumping off a cliff after reading these.

Map Layout - 0 - Pretty maids, all in a row. It's a goddamn STRAIGHT line.

Storyline       - 0 - Nirrad is an asshole.

OVERALL RATING: 4% : You'd have more fun screwing goats.

Lenny's House           Lenny           [Level 15-20]
Synopsis - A cast of humorous mobs, some bizarre objects and the antichrist himself are all present and accounted for in this hilarious area by Lenny. The funniest mob present here is that deplorably disgusting purple dinosaur Barney, and he’s aggro. Cleverly done.

Important Mobs - Barney, Melvin, Lulu

Important Objects - ring of melvin


Mobs           - 5 - A ton of hilarious and downright disturbing mobs.

Objects        - 4 - Barney’s "Hugs, not Drugs" t-shirt is good for a laugh.

Rooms         - 4 - Good assortment of well-written rooms.

Map Layout - 3 - Somewhat confusing layout, don’t wander into the fly traps.

Storyline       - 4 - I think someone needs some counseling..

OVERALL RATING: 80%:   Worth it just to slaughter Barney.

The Living Daylights           Miracle           [Levels 10-30]
Synopsis - Interesting concept based on the combined efforts of the James Bond saga of films. All your favorites from the Bond movies are included in this fun area. Dr. No has kidnapped Ms. Moneypenny and it is your job as a secret agent to find her. Weapon factory and catwalk are repetitious in description. The storyline is good, but the ending suffers in quality.

Important Mobs    - James Bond, Dr. No, Ms. Moneypenny

Important Objects - Rolex Watch (Bond), Key to No's escape pod (Moneypenny)


Mobs           - 5 - very good descriptions, mobs have flair

Objects        - 4 - Few and far between, but the ones there are good

Rooms         - 3 - Repetitious at parts, but still written well

Map Layout - 4 - Easy to figure out and very forgiving (Point A to point B) tough to get lost

Storyline       - 5 - Clever story, secret agent plot a great twist to an old theme

OVERALL RATING: 84%  Excellent, BUT repetitious room descriptions and lack of objects hold it back.


Machine Dreams           Furey            [ Levels 1-5]
Synopsis - If my dreams were anything like this area, I'd shoot myself. This area reeks of complete garbage, because of its constant repetition of the exact same room description throughout the ENTIRE area. There is really no reason to look at this one, you're better off in the newbie school, there's more stuff there. I smell a rat....

Important Mobs - The keeper, but he's the ONLY one.

Important Objects - None


Mobs           - 0 - One is the loneliest number.

Objects        - 0 - All five objects on the same mob.

Rooms         - 0.75 - The same room description over and over...

Map Layout - 0 - Confusing and frustrating maze.

Storyline       - 0 - Don't think there is one.

OVERALL RATING: 3% ,but only cause Furey can spell the same garbage over and better than Karl could.

Mob Factory           PinkF           [Levels 5-35]

Synopsis - Not even worth talking about. The complete audacity of this area defines stock in the worst way possible. 40 priests and a vat of holy water couldn't save this disgrace.

Important Mobs   - None

Important Objects - What objects?


Mobs           - 0 - Complete babbling garbage

Objects        - 0 - There aren't any.

Rooms         - 1 - It's supposed to be a factory I guess.

Map Layout - 0 - Sloppy incomplete layout makes it a chore to fight here

Storyline       - 0 - Once upon a time, a guy got smashed and wrote this I assume.

OVERALL RATING - 4% - Don't waste your time, this is pointless filter.

Mount Doom           Yaegaer/Kurgan           [Level 100-150]
Synopsis - A Mountain hospice is held by the savage Lord Krothgar in this extremely well-done classic by Yaegar and Kurgan. Everything here is done in Yaegar’s extraordinary eye for detail, but the field leading to the mountain is a bit aggro-happy. Score another point for Yaegar.

Important Mobs - Krothgar, iron golem

Important objects - iron fist


Mobs           - 4 - Krothar’s description is downright scary.

Objects        - 4 - Close to every mob is wearing something, and it all fits well.

Rooms         - 5 - Great descriptions without being boringly long.

Map Layout - 3 - Too bad it leads to Lair of Jher.

Storyline       - 5 - Excellent storyline with keen eye for details.

OVERALL RATING: 84%:  Worth seeing just for the descriptions.


Mud School           Hatchet           [Levels 1-5]           [Reviewed by Kalais]
Synopsis - This is the classis MUD school area in Dreams. This place was built for beginners so that they could learn the MUD. Everyone starts as a beginner at one point, and for that reason, almost everyone has probably been through the MUD school.

 Important Mobs - The Sandman

 Important Objects - The entire beginnersí equipment ensemble


Mobs - 3 - Not a power leveling area at all.  Though power leveling is pretty pointless for beginners. The quantity of mobs works well for a beginners' school. A few of the descriptions are a bit plain, but really, that is not the main objective of the mobs in this area.

Objects - 4 - This is where you get the entire beginners' arsenal of equipment.  Most of the parts of the body are covered by equipment from this area. In addition, the equipment gives nice stat bonuses for being beginners' equipment and all.

Rooms - 3.5 - The rooms have nice sized descriptions. The beginning rooms especially have descriptions that introduce various aspects of Dreams. Most of the rooms have nice big signs that also give further details about how to interact with Dreams. The only lacking part of the room descriptions are the room descriptions for your bedroom. The repeats can be altered so that they are somewhat unique.

Map Layout  - 4 - The map layout is so intuitive, it is funny. This place has a simple layout that is easily figured out by beginners. This layout makes the getting used to aspect of beginning in a new MUD far easier and not as imposing.

Story - 3 - It is difficult to say much about the storyline. This place is a school, a place where you learn how to play Dreams. The rooms do reflect that aspect of being in a dream rather nicely. If you would consider that a storyline, then this place fits the bill just fine.

OVERALL RATING: 70% - This is a rather biased opinion, since I remember my old beginner days and going through this school area. Therefore, I may have been a bit partial for this review. Nevertheless, this is a good representation of what school is supposed to be. It is supposed to interesting and able to catch your attention.

New Ofcol           Hatchet            [ All Levels ]
Synopsis: This is a common "city type" area, packed with the usual peddlers and dealers, and governed by Marshall Diana. The area actually isn't too bad and much better considering that Ofcol is linked to it *shudder*. Fine if you're just passing through, but really nothing too special.

Important Mobs - Marshall Diana

Important Objects - None


Mobs           - 3 - A pig here, a farmer there *yawn*

Objects        - 3 - Nothing special, pretty basic stuff

Rooms         - 3 - Average descriptions, pretty bland

Map Layout - 2 - Not too hard to navigate 40 rooms

Storyline       - 2 - Tolkien gets ripped off once again.

OVERALL RATING: 42% - You'd rather not spend your days in this small town.


Ofcol           Alfa            [Levels 5-35]
Synopsis: This area is like the neighborhood brat who always borrows your stuff and keeps it. This area is basically the useless appendix of New Ofcol, featuring the mobs of "Plains of the North" and "New Ofcol". Any mob you see here has most likely wandered in from another area. There are no mobs, there are no objects., and there are 6 rooms. Blah, you'd spend your time more wisely whacking bullfrogs with a stick.

Important Mobs: None

Important Objects: None


Mobs           - 0 - As lively as a wake

Objects        - 0 - Nothing to see, even less to do.

Rooms         - 0 - There's an inn, but that's probably borrowed too

Map Layout - 0.5 - New Ofcol and Misthaven are nearby.

Storyline       - 0 - Alfa sucks a fat one.

OVERALL RATING: 2% - Gives Mob Factory a run for its money.



Quake           Miracle           [Levels 130-150]
Synopsis - A 389 room masterpiece divided into 4 separate parts, this area that took over 6 months to complete and sets a new standard for excellence in area-building. The storyline centers around an ancient demon that has risen from a galactal tomb and laid siege to the surrounding planets. This area also debuts the enchanting archeologist Lara Croft, and the well-oiled marine Flynn Taggart. A journal that you must get at the beginning of the area is vital to solving the various mysteries and puzzles in the area's 4 parts. This is a grand example of how real writers write, and it shows. This must be experienced to be believed.

Important Mobs    - Quake, Cyberdemon, Baron of Hell, Flynn, Lara

Important Objects - The Quake Manual (Do NOT forget this)


Mobs           - 5 - Tons of beasts and humans to fight

Objects        - 5 - Dozens of objects, each and every one has importance

Rooms         - 5 - Melancholy and sometimes downright masochistic descriptions give an almost 'gothic' feel

Map Layout - 4.5 - Well thought out maps

Storyline       - 5 - Excellent storyline with numerous bells and whistles

OVERALL RATING: 98%  Instant classic, this is how it should be


The Rats Lair           Hatchet           [Level  2-10]
Synopsis: Walking through this bore of an area, I kind of wish the old wooden walls DID fall on me, so I wouldn’t have to review the rest. Also, the pure vanity of including a mob based on yourself in the area proves the shallowness and speedyness with which this area was built.

Important Mobs - none

Important Objects - The old wooden walls that you’ll want to fall on you.


Mobs           - 2 - He included HIMSELF as one of the mobs, How cliche.

Objects        - 1 - Beat me over the head with a brick.

Rooms         - 0 - No really, kill me now.

Map Layout - 1 - "All around the mulberry bush.. The rabbit chased the weasel.."

Storyline       - 0 - You’re so vain, you probably think this area’s about you.

OVERALL RATING: 16%:   Bury the hatchet on this one.

Redferne's Residence           Diku           [Level 20-30]
Synopsis - This area is about as embarrassing as leaving the house and forgetting to wear underwear. I really don’t see WHY the heck it was built, what purpose it serves, etc. It has one stinking mob, no decent objects, and a dozen rooms that have no value. The only real purpose I saw for this area was it connection to Sesame Street, but they could’ve connected it somewhere else and deep-sixed this waste of time.

Important Mobs - The invisible ones Diku must’ve FORGOT.

Important Objects - The door that leads to Sesame Street


Mobs            - 0 - There’s a knight, but he ain’t all that great.

Objects         - 0 - Pu-shaw, there aren’t any.

Rooms          - 0 - At least the fridge leads somewhere good.

Map Layout  - 0.5 - The fridge leads to Sesame Street at least.

Storyline        - 0 - *RING* "Yea Merc, I think I’ll try building an area too."

OVERALL RATING: 2%:  You get a big old fat raspberry.

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