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Control Panel

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The 'area-name' can be any string. The 'areas' command provides a list of areas, so it's worth while to follow the standard Merc format for this string:

#AREA { 5 35} Merc Prototype for New Area

The first two numbers are recommended level range. The name is the name of the original author of the area. The last phrase is the name of the area.

Troll Area Data
(Troll MUD only)

Recall Room (EnvyMud format only)
The 'recall-point' gives the vnum of the room to which a player will recall if they attempt to do so anywhere within the area defined in the current file. If this section is omitted, the recall point will be the standard ROOM_VNUM_TEMPLE as defined in merc.h. It is distributed as room vnum 3001 in midgaard.are. If the 'recall-point' is invalid, the player is unable to recall when attempted in the zone. This function was added by Kahn to allow for builder-settable recall points.

Make mobs weaker/stronger
This allows you to scale your zone up or down.

Renumber will prompt you for a starting vnum. It will then renumber all objects/rooms/mobiles starting from that vnum. This can be used to move zones about the vnum space or to remove 'holes' caused by deleting rooms.

Text to clipboard

This is for spell checking. Use your standard spell checker after pasting from the clipboard.