Review Criteria

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Areas were graded based on FIVE separate categories. Then, the FIVE scores were added together and multiplied by FOUR to determine an overall percentage rating.

Under the categories, a rating of 0 to 5 was used, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.


Mobs                    - Are the mobs senseless fodder or are their descriptions vital to the area?

Objects                - Is every weapon a plain sword or are the objects fitting with the plot?

Rooms                 - Quality of the room descriptions as pertained to the storyline.

Map Layout       - Did the writer plan out the map well enough or was it thrown together?

Storyline            - (Plot, and other added bonuses, built-in quests, interesting use of objects or mobs, etc.)

Category Ratings Scale: (0 to 5)

0 - STOCK          - Complete piece of crap

1 - Awful             - Little thought put into the category, turned out badly

2 - Poor               - Lackluster effort

3 - Average        - Ok effort, but something's missing to make it good or excellent

4 - Good              - Above average effort, well worth seeing

5 - Excellent     - Lots of thought put into it


Mobs                     1 to 5 rating based on quality of mobs

Objects                 1 to 5 rating based on quality of objects

Rooms                  1 to 5 rating based on quality of rooms

Map Layout        1 to 5 rating based on how well the map was thought out

Storyline              1 to 5 rating based all the bells and whistles of the area.


Overall Ratings Scale




90-100% INSTANT CLASSIC Extremely high quality area, looks like a ton of thought was put into it.
80-89% EXCELLENT Excellent area, but a few items here and there keep it from classic status.
70-79% GOOD Decent area, just not the best.
60-69% FAIR Hohum quality, but it's fine to play there, hack hack, slash slash, yawn.
50-59% AVERAGE Ok to visit, but you wouldn't want to fight there.
40-49% PATHETIC Little thought was put into it, slapped together like a taco salad.
30-39% HORRIFIC Broken storyline, lots of stuff missing, just an awful experience
29% and under STOCK This area is a complete disgrace.