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1. You may curse here, BUT you may not openly curse out another person. *Example (Shit, I fucken died.) but NOT (Fuck you <insert name here>)* Also, no spam cussing is allowed. It's really annoying. As well as excessive cursing. That will not be allowed either. Just because you can swear doesn't mean you can go off into an Eddie Murphy routine all night.

2. No abusive language directed toward another player on any channel or note board.

3. No harassing other players - if you want to be rude or give someone a hard time, then go someplace else.

4. Conversations of an "adult" nature are to be confined to the xchat channel.

5. If you and another player want or need to argue, then keep the argument in tells or use "says" if it's just the 2 of you in a room - do NOT bring it to a public channel.

6. If an Immortal tells you to stop doing something or warns you about your behavior, don't argue about it. If you don't think their action was fair, take it up with the IMP.

7. Treat all players with the same courtesy and respect with which you'd like to be treated.

8. Use common sense in your actions and language - this is a game, not an AOL chat room or a 1-800-teenline.

9. Do NOT charm mobs and bring them anywhere near Misthaven. If a low level player gets killed, it's entirely YOUR fault.

10. Do NOT play one Imm against another Imm. If one Imm says No, the decision is final.

11. Multi-play is allowed, but only with two characters at a time.

12. Quest tokens are non-transferable between characters. You win them, you keep them. You may not use paintball in any way to transfer tokens.

13. If you find a "bug" in the game (i.e., something that crashes the mud, throws the game off balance, or is just whacky), please report it either on the Bug note board or by using the "bug" command (type "bug <what the bug is>." Notes and things typed to "bug" are reviewed on a regular basis.

14. Do not advertise other MUDs here. We don't advertise Dreams on other MUDs we play, and we expect the same courtesy from people that play here.

15. There is absolutely NO player killing allowed. Punishment will be denial. This includes summoning aggressive mobs to players and vice versa.

16.  Do not give out any characters that you create or create characters for another player.

17. No unattended triggers may be used to help you play the game or to keep from being idled out/off.

18. All players must choose a name appropriate for the MUD. If your name is not deemed acceptable, you will be asked to pick another name. If you refuse, the immortals will then choose a name for you.

19.  Mob corpse looting of any kind will be dealt with severely. If you did not kill the mob, you have no right to loot it. If someone is in the room and they are not in your fighting party, stay out of that room. Look where you're going. Any violations will result in a one day jail term.

20. Using client side macros/triggers/scripts to BLATANTLY cheat on quests will result in an immediate 1 week ban from all quests, including premiums, Smurf cards, Bloodbath perks, paintball, dice, etc.

21. The admins are NOT stupid. If they catch you breaking one of the rules, there is sufficient cause/proof for them to punish you. Trying to talk yourself out with a line of bullshit will only dig your hole deeper.

22. There are NO loopholes to the above rules.


We encourage players to develop their characters as they see fit, including roleplaying if they wish, as long as their characters' actions do not interfere with other players' enjoyment of the game. Kill stealing, spamming on channels, and harassing other players are not acceptable on Dreams, and offenders will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. Any complaints should be brought to the attention of an immortal online, if possible, instead of being dealt with by flames on public channels


By playing this game you agree to the following:
- You are at least 18 years of age or have your parent's permission to play.
- You are mentally stable and all threats to harm yourself will be taken in a non serious matter.
- You are not offended by adult oriented language.
- You are capable of playing nice in the sandbox with the other kids.
- You have a working, functional brain in your skull, and you will actually make use of it.
- Playing this game is a priviledge, not a right. You can be banned from this game for whatever reason the Immortals see fit.
- If you are banned, and decide to sneak back in, don't be a dumb fuck and tell half the mud on the first day. There's no sport in it.
 -You are not a lousy troll or spy from another mud.