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These are the classes currently available on Dreams and their ranks:

Rank #1 Rank #2 Rank #3
Acolyte Cleric Curate
Fighter Warrior Mercenary
Mage Sorcerer Wizard
Psionicist Seer Mindbender
Rogue Thief Assassin
Squire Knight Paladin


Acolytes belong to the clergy classgroup. The god they worship reflects the acolyte’s own moralities and principles. Acolytes are granted spells by their god or deity of choice, and combat their obstacles with these powers.


Fighters are of the combat classgroup. They, as it is commonly said, "live by the sword, and die by the sword". They are tough in many forms of combat that mostly involve weapons and combat tactics. Fighter is the first step to becoming a master of weapons and war.


Mages belong to the magic-using classgroup. Their hearts lean towards goodness. They learn the arts of magic to help others, to do wonderful feats, and to enjoy life in ways others couldn't even dream of. Mages are kind, and like to amuse others and have fun with their arts. They practice their arts not to gain ultimate power, but to learn, help, and create.


Psionicists are of the mind user classgroup. They have powers that extend straight from their willpower and intellect. When they want something done, it gets done by their will alone.


Rogues are kin to the cutpurse and burglar. They areout to make a quick coin, with a broad knowledge of skills to help them. Their thoughts are mostly ruled by that of greed, profit, or the fun of defying the structured law.


Squires are those who train in both the art of blunt physical combat and the arts of healing. They are always loyal to their king and are lawful at heart.