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The Mobile dialog contains everything the mud needs to know about the mobs, except for where they are and what they're holding.


These are the keywords that can be used to refer to the guard, for example if the namelist is "guard cityguard" then players can type either "kill guard" or "kill cityguard"

Short Description
This is what the player seems when the mobile is attacking, for example "a cityguard" would yield "A cityguard hits you."

This is what the player sees when it explicity LOOKs at the mobile.


Action Meaning
Sentinel Stays in one room (Guards, Shopkeepers, etc)
Scavenger Picks up objects
Aggressive Attacks PCs
Stay_Area Won't leave zone (Don't want Smurfs in Midgaard...)
Wimpy Flees combat when hurt
Train Can train PC's (improve stats)
Practice Can practice PC's (guildmasters)
Gamble Runs a gambling game (Envy 2.0?)

There is only one PRACTICE bit, because all guildmasters are actually the same. The reason thieves can't go PRAC pick locks at the Clerics guild is because "God" won't let thieves in the door of the Clerics guild. Making a room a guild room isn't done in the area file, it is done in the code and is class specific.


Action flags tell the mud how a mob behaves, and affection flags control the 'special qualities of a mob. These flags are added together in the way detailed in 'FLAGS', in part 3 of this handbook.
Below is a listing of flags for each type, with descriptions of what each does:

INVISIBLE Mob is invisible
DETECT_INVIS Mob can detect invisible players. Good for keeping players from going invis and waltzing through the place when combined with AGGRESSIVE.
DETECT_HIDDEN (Slash isn't clear if this use used...)
SANCTUARY Mob has a white aura and takes 1/2 damage
FAERIE_FIRE Mob has a pink aura and is easy to hit. (Good for weird special effects, don't overuse please).
INFRARED Mobs in DARK rooms get this. Not clear if it is used.
PROTECT_EVIL Damage from an Evil source is reduced by 25%
SNEAK Can't see when the mob arrives and leaves
HIDE Can't see the mob, even with detect invis.
FLYING Has no meaning, all mobs can fly. However, Tynian points out that in the future this may not be so, so please use it for the mobs you want to be able to fly.
PASS_DOOR Mob is translucent and walks trough walls

Missing: The following affected-bys are missing from the dialog. This will be fixed soon.
WATERWALK (Envy only)
GILLS (Envy only)
MUTE (Envy only)


Merc wants to calculate ALL of these for you. This means that you can't make high level mages with tiny amounts of hit points. Sorry.


breath_any \ (Normally used for dragons, but can be used by
breath_acid \ any mob with really caustic breath.)
breath_fire \ (Some of these will rust/burn the armor right
breath_frost / off a player.)
breath_gas /
breath_lightning /
cast_adept (Like mud school and the healer; don't use os Midgaard)
cast_cleric (e.g. nanny)
cast_judge (nasty guys in MC1)
cast_mage (try to kill the wizard shopkeeper in Midgaard...)
cast_undead (nasty--can summon vampires at high level)
executioner (Don't use outside Midgaard)
fido (Eats corpses)
guard (This makes cityguards try to guard the city...)
janitor (Picks up trash)
poison (poisons player, like Moria snakes)
thief (Any mob that steals... Smurfs, etc)
ghost............(Only comes out at night) (EnvyMud only)
psionicist.......(Casts 'psionic' type spells) (EnvyMud only)
repairman........(Fixes doors) (EnvyMud only)


Mobs wander around by default. Remember to include the 'Sentinel' Action flag for stationary mobs!

Merc will apply a bit of 'fuzz' to a mobs level, so that the mobs will be a bit different every time.

The keyword part should have every name the players are going to want to use when they KILL the mob. If you give say 'Aod the Dealer' the keyword 'dealer' only, KILL AOD will not work. This can be exploited to your advantage, you might make an 'illusionist' mob that is disguised as a really weak or really strong mob.

There is no way to make a mob cast a specific spell. You have to pick from the list of predefined spec_funs.